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A ski school … and lots more


Nico offers a whole range of ski, board or freestyle lessons.

The use of video assisted learning feedback is the speciality of our ski school in Serre Chevalier. A two-hour long ski session with video feedback, viewed while riding the lifts, helps maximize your progress – no way out!


Original and efficient teaching methods for young children and their first times on skis


The first time your child goes skiing is a sensitive moment. It’s important to start in the best conditions possible and make it fun to encourage development and progress adapted to your child. Let your child learn at his or her own pace – each child is different!

I use special equipment to guarantee skiing in total security in this personal instruction method. Your child will feel the sensations of sliding linked to acceleration without having to snow plough. This will come later, naturally and spontaneously – or even not at all!

This is a great method for learning how to ski with real results. Your child will progress rapidly , learning the core skills needed to start skiing on his own.

Each child is different, but even 2-year olds can enjoy their first sliding sensations!

Check out Nicus’ special approach


Training for parents and children


I will help your children make their first tracks and then explain how you can help them keep progressing. I feel that parent and child coaching is essential to ensure that skiing together is always a pleasure.

So go and check out the photos and videos that show this teaching approach with children.